We Support Crypto Development

What does Lambcannon do?

We support the developers of cryptocurrencies by paying commission on sales of merchandise featuring their logo to their developers, managers or support team members of that coin to support development and build awareness.

What do you sell?

We have an ever-growing selection of exciting products, from phone cases and fridge magnets to poker chips and drinks coasters. The items are designed to be talking points - when someone sees your phone case and asks what logo is on it, that's an opportunity to raise awareness of the coin.

Why is my favourite coin not here?

Developers are free to request we add their coin to the website. We need to be provided with artwork that we can apply to the merchandise and, if the artwork isn't copyright free, permission to use it. If the coin you're looking for isn't here, it's likely that the developer hasn't approached us or the artwork is not freely available for us to use. If you're keen to see a particular coin, get in touch with the community or developers and let them know about Lambcannon.

Who gets the commisson?

Generally, the development team or creators of the coin. If the coin has no specific address for development or promotion then payments will be made to same destination as the Bitcoin commission.

How do you calculate commission?

Commission is calculated daily and paid monthly. The commission paid will be based on the total sales in GBP for the day against the average exchange rate of Bitcoin for that day. The exchange rate average is taken from investing.com. The current commission rate paid to the coin developers is 10% of each product's value excluding tax.

Payments will be made once the commission balance reaches a minimum chosen by the recipient (default 0.01 BTC). The network transaction fee will be deducted from the payment. Payments will be made using the coinpayments.net mass withdrawal function. The network transaction fee is calculated and deducted by them.