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'Bitcoin To The Moon' Domino Set & Box (DM00001006)

A full set of 28 MDF dominoes + an additional 6 blanks complete with a slide top box to store them in. The dominoes are printed on one side with the playing face and the other with a beautiful design from one of our talented designers. The slide top box has the word 'Dominoes' printed on the lid along with the same design that's on the dominoes themselves.

The dominoes are 6mm thick making them easy to handle and can also be stood endwise. In fact, you could probably stand them all up close to each other in a line and flick the end one so they all fall down, one after the other. Can't believe no-one's thought of that before!

The dominoes themselves are 51mm x 25.5mm x 6mm which makes them the ideal size. The box for them is 166mm x 63.5mm x 45mm and fits all the dominoes (including two of the blanks) in perfectly.

The set is sent flat packed for ease of shipping and the box they go in does require some assembly - but this is easy enough to do, doesn't require any glue or tools and a link to instructions is provided. No instructions on how to actually play dominoes are provided.

As these are produced to order, the products may arrive with a pleasant 'smoky wood' aroma. This just means they are fresh off the press and, unfortunately, this charming scent will fade quickly.