'Bullion Bag Holder' Men's / Women's Cotton T-Shirts

Sure, there are lots of T-shirts available - but none quite like ours! Our unique designs aren't available anywhere else so go on, be different!

Made from 100% luxury super-soft cotton, our T-shirts are comfortable as well as stylish and are available in four sizes; small, medium, large, extra large.

Please check the sizes carefully before you buy.

Size: Extra Large
Chest: 60.5cm
Length: 80cm
Arm: 18cm

Size: Large
Chest: 55.5cm
Length: 80cm
Arm: 17cm

Size: Medium
Chest: 51cm
Length: 75cm
Arm: 16.5cm

Size: Small
Chest: 46cm
Length: 70cm
Arm: 16cm

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