'Bullion Logo' Wooden Pencil Case / Slide Top Box (PC00000011)

These charming wooden pencil cases / slide top boxes are great for school or home. Made out of a durable MDF, the lid of each one is printed with a wonderful design from one of our talented designers.


Length: 189mm
Width : 87mm
Height: 33mm

These cases are unvarnished and ideal for decorating or embellishing yourself. You can get a very nice finish if you sand, stain or varnish them or you can just leave them as they are for the natural look. If you do decide to decorate them yourself, be careful not to sand off the design or fill the lid grooves with varnish (or the lid won't slide any more).

These pencil cases are supplied flat packed and do require some assembly - although there are only six pieces and no glue is required; they just push firmly together. You can use glue if you like to make them more robust, though. Whilst they are simple to assemble, there is a link to the printable instructions with the product if you need them.

Please note that these cases are laser cut to order and you'll be receiving it straight from the production line. This does mean that there will be a nice 'smoky wood' aroma from the laser cutting process, but unfortunately this does fade fairly quickly.