Square 'SuperCoin Bag Holder' Wooden Tissue Box Cover (TB00000012)

A broadly cuboid wooden tissue box made out of the finest quality MDF and decorated with a design from one of our talented designers.

Box height:
138mm high
126mm wide
126mm deep

The design is printed onto the side of the boxes and is on all four sides. The bottom is detachable so you can put your tissue refill cartons in and the top has a slot to pull your tissues out.

The box is supplied unvarnished and untreated so you can decorate it, paint it, varnish it and customise it to your heart's content if you choose but they also look great just as they are. The material used is suitable for pyrography. Due to the laser cutting process used, the box may have a delightful 'smoked wood' aroma to it, but unfortunately this does fade after a while.

The tissue box requires assembly before use, but this is simple enough - it's only got six pieces. No tools or glue required either, it just clips together with a firm push.

Once put together though, the tissue box is a solid piece of kit. The bottom comes off and clips back in place to refill with tissues. The tissue box takes all standard sized tissue cartons but won't fit 'man sized' tissue cartons in.