'SuperCoin Rocket' Jewellery / Trinket Boxes

These beautiful MDF jewellery / trinket boxes have a removable, flush fitting lid featuring a design from one of our talented designers. They are ideal for holding small trinkets or favourite pieces of jewellery.

The box is ideal for decorating and pyrography. It can be painted, stained or varnished to your preference. The box itself is supplied unfinished (i.e. unvarnished) to facilitate this. You can always just leave it as it is if you prefer the natural look.

These boxes are available in three sizes; they come in 39mm, 57mm and 81mm, marked as small, medium and large respectively. Each of the box sizes fit within each other as well to facilitate storage when not in use.

Box dimensions:

Height: 39mm (s) / 57mm (m) / 81mm (l)
Width: 39mm (s) / 57mm (m) / 81mm (l)
Depth: 39mm (s) / 57mm (m) / 81mm (l)

The jewellery box is made out of 3mm MDF and comes flat packed - so it does require some assembly but no tools are required. This is easy enough to do but there's a web address with the product where assembly instructions are available. Once assembled, the box is quite robust - although it should be stressed that this is not a toy.

As these boxes are laser cut for a precision finish, they can arrive with a freshly cut 'smoky' aroma to them. Unfortunately, this charming scent does fade fairly swiftly.

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