'SuperCoin Rocket' Wooden Bunting Flags

These delightful wooden bunting flags are ideal as decorations and are well suited for use in craft projects.

These bunting flags come in packs of five and are available in three different sizes. Each bunting flag is made out of 3mm thick MDF and feature a design from one of our talented designers. The designs are printed onto the surface of the bunting on one side, leaving the reverse blank for you to write on or otherwise decorate yourself.

Tip: You can easily thread some Dette's 2mm satin rope or Dette's 4mm double faced satin ribbon through the pre-cut holes to great effect.

These products are laser cut to order and you will receive them straight from the production line. This means that there will be a pleasant 'smoky wood' aroma caused by the laser cutting process, but unfortunately this fades fairly quickly.

You may choose to give the bunting a very light sanding / buffing to remove any signs of the cutting method but many people leave them untouched for that authentic look.

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